Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Oh, Dolly of Mine!

If you're not yet introduced to the delight that is the Waldorf inspired Doll, do I have a wondrous thing in store for you!...

Firstly... a few tasty facts from a lovely book - Kinder Dolls

(available from Amazon and most good bookstores)

"The typical Waldorf doll is made from sheep's wool and cotton knit fabric. It has a unique inner head which gives form but not detail to the face.  The origins of this type of doll come from a strong European tradition of doll making. Germany was the leading doll manufacturer in Europe in the 19th and early 20th century, dominating the doll market at home and abroad. Many dolls and toys were made at home during long winter months with materials that were at hand - wood, sheep's wool and cloth scraps. Individual people, notably Kathe Krusse, then developed these simple toys into commercial enterprises and the products found a ready market amongst the increasingly prosperous countries of Europe and America. However, dolls still continued to be made at home and the simplicity and charm of these formed dolls stuffed with sheep's wool ensured their survival despite the plethora of more sophisticated toys.

In Europe and later America, this type of doll became known as a "Waldorf Doll" and had a strong connection with Steiner education. Communities and Schools, based on Rudolf Steiner's methods were established in many different countries and the tradition of making this particular type of doll continued alongside the education.

Simple toys made from natural material are recognized as being of great importance for the wholesome development of young children."

As much as a fan I am of literature and information, the absolute pleasure that is a Waldorf Doll can really only be experienced when you see their beautiful little hand embroidered faces...

Corianna from Bamboletta Dolls

I am, only of very recent days, the proud owner of my very own Waldorf Inspired Doll... her name is Niah... and to say that I adore her is really quite a conservative statement... I am, in fact, now saving my pennies to have one of my very own from each of my favourite sellers. I have joined the ever increasing company of Crafters, Kids and Mummies who are tired of the mass produced, easily broken and even more easily disposed of  toy market and are turning to more earth and family friendly options.

Each and every one of these dolls have so much character and personality. They are, at least from the artists I am a fan of, impeccably made, with every detail lovingly hand stitched into existence. Be warned though, they are in high demand and not easy to come by... all three of the sellers I am a huge fan of sell out usually within minutes of listing a new doll... the other thing to be wary of is the rapid addiction which may be the result of your first purchase :)

OK... enough rambling... Let me introduce you to a few of my absolute FAVOURITES!!

Firstly, from Bamboletta Dolls:







And Finally, from Jem of Mine Dolls:



And because she is the most stunning Doll in all the world and because I'm most definitely not biased regarding this matter:


In honour of these beautiful and wonderfully loved dolls, as part of my Petit Lapin Collection (being released on FRIDAY!) I will be making little Pinnes made to fit Waldorf Inspired Dolls... (as with the baby pinnies, they are completely reversible!) My beautiful Niah modeled them for me :)

Sleepy Little Owl

Sleepy Little Owl (reverse side)

Up, Up & Away

Up, Up & Away (reverse side)

I cannot recommend these dolls enough, especially those of the sellers I've mentioned above, and I hope that those of you with little ones would look into adopting one (or three??) of your own, you most definitely won't be disappointed!!

Puss och Kram!!!
Little Miss Swan


  1. I think I want one of my very own!!
    I have given two away as gifts 'adopted' from Jem of Mine Dolls and they were both gorgeous!

  2. Hi I stumbled upon your blog through Snazzie Drawers. Your doll creations are adorable. My nieces would love them!

  3. Hi!
    Thanks so much for your kind words!! You can find me on fb too I sell yarn for dolly hair and dolls clothes and other cute little things... also, if you're interested in some gorgeous dolls. My friend Jewell sells ready made and does custom orders (and she uses my dolly hair :) cute!)
    Hope you're having a fabulous week!!

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  5. Wow, beautiful dolls! You won the Elijah Rainbow Auction! Please e-mail me with your contact info at swirlsofcreativity {at} yahoo {dot} com Thanks!